Although it wasn't graced with strong critical praise at the time, Ice Cube's screenwriting debut in Friday has since gone on to become a cult favourite and gave birth to the notion of Ice Cube as a comedy talent.

Two sequels followed - Next Friday and Friday After Next - which followed a similar tone and routine to the originals, but didn't have the same spark and creativity of the original. However, it looks as though Cube is going back to the well for one last time, confirming on the Late Late Show With James Corden that he's now working on a fourth and potentially final Friday film.

It's early days yet, but there's no word if Chris Tucker would return to his role as Smokey. Nevertheless, Cube seems excited about the prospect of it all and, to be honest, Cube hasn't had a decent film since 22 Jump Street in 2014.

Looking right at you, Ride Along 2.


Via YouTube