Although it's been rumored and talked about for quite some time, it seems like nothing's ever really kicked off in any kind of meaningful way when it comes to Deadwood.

The cult HBO series ran for three seasons and only gained a second life in the home market, but it relaunched the career of Ian McShane and gave - for our money, anyway - Timothy Olyphant's best character role to date. Yes, better than Justified.

There's been endless talk about a Deadwood movie, but in an interview with TVLine, McShane confirmed that the script has been completed. "(A) two-hour movie script has been delivered to HBO," said McShane. "If they don’t deliver (a finished product), blame them."

For his part, McShane is on for it and he's keen to make the film happen. "We’d all love to do it... It would be nice to see all of the old gang again."

Typically speaking, HBO aren't exactly in the movie business - but they have been known to crank one out every so often. If HBO were to take it on, it's likely that it would be in the form a TV movie with a small theatrical release internationally. Considering how much support and love there is for the series, it could do well.

The question of whether or not it actually it happens, however, is down to HBO. Here's hoping.


Via TVLine