You wouldn't think there's a connection between dystopian sci-fi / young adult series The Hunger Games and suburban teen sitcom Clarissa Explains It All - but there is.

Way back in the early '90s, Hunger Games author Suzanne Collins served as a staff writer on the hit TV show. In fact, hardcore Clarissa Explains It All fans (they're out there, seriously) cite the fact Collins wrote some of the best bullying episodes of the series.

It's just not fans, either. The show's creator, Mitchell Kriegman, explained in a recent interview that Collins wrote "some bully episodes that are really pretty cool."

He went on, in another interview, describing her as "the quietest, nicest person. Like having JK Rowling working on your show!"

Who harboured stories in her head of teenagers murdering each for the amusement of a megalomaniacal tyrant and his fascist regime.

Try getting Clarissa to explain THAT one.


Via Indiewire