Hugh Jackman has spoken to about the hasty departure of Darren Aronofsky from Wolverine 2.

"We need to find another director and once we’ve found that, we’ll be able to know. It’s too early to call on Japan, I’m not sure where they’re at, so now we’re finding another director, but Fox is very anxious to make the movie and we’re moving ahead full steam to find another director," says Jackman. The director being linked now is apparently the studios second choice, David Slade, who just directed (easily) the best Twilight film so far, Eclipse and 30 Days of Night. But he's also attached to a Daredevil reboot, so things get extremely tricky.

I've said it before and I'll say it again; give Slither and Super writer/director James Gunn the gig. He's got an unhinged, but visceral style that could work beautifully with a huge budget. The film is expected to shoot towards the end of the year.