Hugh Jackman is obviously very much in demand at the moment, with his turn in the hit Wolverine prequel garnering the only praise of the entire production. The much liked actor is now weighing up possible options for his next film, with a sequel to Wolverine already being penned. Also on his to-do list is the film Drive, which did have Dog Soldiers and The Decent helmer Neil Marshall attached to direct; film is about a career getaway driver who also races cars by day. Jackman is also circling the flick Carousel, an adaptation of the classic Rodgers & Hammerstein tale, that he hopes will co-star Anne Hathaway. He was fantastic in 'Origins' but so was Ryan Reynolds and he only had two real scenes. No word on the proposed Deadpool spinoff yet, that has long been mooted to star Reynolds, but Jackman is flying at the moment.