Two. The answer is two.

Two people turned up to the $27,000,000-budgeted drama about the beginnings of FIFA. How much was funded by FIFA themselves? At least $20,000,000.

Unless you've been without internet access / living under a rock these past weeks, FIFA has been at the centre of a massive corruption investigation that's been led by the FBI.

In Los Angeles, just one cinema showed the film to an audience of a sports writer and a Mexican who's a huge soccer fan.

Unsurprisingly, the film's been pretty much driven into the dirt by critics who have managed to see the film.

New York Times' Daniel Gold called it "one of the most unwatchable films in recent history", whilst many others are calling the screenplay's take on FIFA's beginnings as a complete fabrication.

An international release is now looking increasingly unlikely, although some are speculating that the DVD of the film will be handed out at the next AGM of FIFA to use as door-stops for the board leaving.

Have you seen United Passions? Get in touch. We need the dirt on Tim Roth's dodgy Swiss accent.


Via Reuters