One of today’s most important filmmakers, Pedro Costa returns with the follow-up to his landmark Fontainhas trilogy, which poetically captured the lives of those residing in the eponymous Lisbon slum.

Ventura – the sad-eyed lead of Colossal Youth – is lost in indeterminacy as revolution takes place in the streets, increasingly held captive by his
madness and the “nervous disease” that causes his constant trembling, the results of a lifetime’s worth of poverty. Recuperating in a mysterious infirmary with a network of subterranean passages, Ventura wanders in and out of rooms which lead to hidden areas of his mind.

Costa’s new film is both a powerful indictment of injustice and a new pinnacle of the filmmaker’s art. Unfolding like a hushed, chiaroscuro fever dream, Horse Money is another masterpiece from one of the world’s greatest film artists.

Andréa Picard
Toronto International Film Festival

With special guest Pedro Costa

With the support of the Embassy of Portugal in Ireland


Please note that the festival is for over 18s only