Recent honest trailers from Screen Junkies have poked fun at new movies and old, with ‘Baby Driver’, ‘Black Panther’ and ‘every Christopher Nolan movie ever’ being the latest targets.

Its new victim is a movie from this year (in fact, the fourth highest grossing movie in the international box office of the year, so far) in ‘Ready Player One.’

The Steven Spielberg-directed sci-fi flick was nostalgia to the extreme and a culmination of every nerd fantasy possible, which the honest trailer quickly pointing this out.

“Watch the snake of nerd culture devour its own tail,” the voice-over narrator informs us, proceeding to point out the obviousness of the terminology ‘gunters’ (used to describe ‘egg hunters’) and criticising how the character’s avatars are essentially slightly exaggerated versions of themselves, rather than being more imaginative.

Also lol, Mark Rylance’s character is totally an awkward Willy Wonka.