There's a moment in 'Hobbs & Shaw' where Jason Statham repeatedly smushes a man's face into a keypad for comedic effect.

In another scene, Idris Elba sails down the side of a building with Vanessa Kirby draped across his shoulder. A further scene still also features Dwayne Johnson performing a traditional haka with the help of Roman Reigns, before launching into a fist-fight with a number of unnamed assailants on Hawai'i.

In case you were wondering, 'Hobbs & Shaw' is an actual movie that has actors, marketing campaigns and even a trailer to go along with it. We're not just making up things randomly to see how nuts they all sound; it's actually a real thing.

Just to make it even more nuts, Oscar-nominated actor Dame Helen Mirren is in there as well - as Jason Statham's on-screen mother. Still not enough? It's directed by the guy who did 'John Wick' and 'Atomic Blonde'.

'Hobbs & Shaw' hits Irish cinemas on August 2nd.