So we just met the one and only Heisenberg. Another career highlight for myself to say the least. Heisenberg (or Walter White) is the amazing Bryan Cranston for those of you unaware of Breaking Bad. We'll have the full interview live for you on on Monday but in the meantime we'll give you some of the nuggets he shared: Breaking Bad fans will be delighted to hear that Cranston would be more than happy to get invovled with a Breaking Bad movie, should the right script rear its head. Does this make you happy? Yes, we thought it would. What's more, he's a bit emotional at the thoughts of wrapping up what he describes as the 'best role of his life.' Sad face! Cranston was in Dublin town to promote his latest movie Argo, directed by Ben Affleck. It's amazing by the way; another stellar performance from Cranston. He stars here as the CIA boss to Affleck's Tony Mendez. For the movie, Cranston and co were lucky enough to film at the official CIA headquarters. Cranston had to go through all kinds of background checks and wasn't even allowed to take a pee on his own! He also offered insights into how he'd reckon Heiseinberg would handle a CIA situation.

For more of Bryan Cranston's fun stories check back here early next week! Happy Friday!