Patty Jenkins tweeted out the first image of Kristen Wiig in character and costume as Barbara Minerva, the lead villain for 'Wonder Woman 1984', who eventually becomes Cheetah.

There's no word yet precisely on what sort of origin story she's going to get, as there's a number of different takes on the character. The first woman to carry the name Cheetah was a character called Priscilla Rich, who had an inferiority complex and split personality disorder which led her to believe she was Cheetah.

Barbara Ann Minerva was the third Cheetah, and was a British archaeologist who gained her powers in Africa after a ritual ceremony intended for a virgin both cursed and blessed her. It got... weird, but then again, much of Wonder Woman's backstory was tied up in BDSM imagery and the like.

Anyway, Wiig seemed like an odd choice at the time and this image doesn't give us much to go on - but whatever, it's an interesting premise to see a comedic actor give something like this a spin.

'Wonder Woman 1984' hits Irish cinemas on October 30th, 2019.