They're obviously intent on keeping things on set fairly secret...

By now, we all know that JJ Abrams is behind the new Star Wars, and they've started filming with the cast and crew at a few different locations. In the modern day and age, where social media rules all, the temptation to share some of the storylines or a quick snap, or some form of spoiler is obviously pretty big, and it's something they're clearly worried about on the set too.

That's why they've produced a special 'no spoilers' poster, that's perfectly in keeping with themes of the movie itself. The poster is for the benefit of visitors to the set as much as it is for those who are there every day, and producer Frank Marshall, who is married to Kathleen Kennedy of Lucasfilm, was visiting yesterday when he spotted it.

To be fair, this isn't a spoiler so he probably won't get in too much trouble for sharing it.

Via The Hollywood Reporter