We do love making little discoveries about the movies we love years after their release.

10 Things I Hate About You is up there with the likes of Mean Girls, Clueless and The Breakfast Club for most iconic teen movies so if you haven’t seen it, you’ve no excuse - go watch it (after all it is Friday so you’ve got the whole weekend).

Recently, a couple of observers at Buzzfeed noticed an underlying event in the film that totally passed us by but kudos to you readers who spotted it before.

As well as the love story between Julia Stiles’ character Kat and Heath Ledger’s Patrick, the film also follows the relationship between Kat and her sister, Bianca (played by Larisa Oleynik). The two initially have quite an icy relationship and in one scene, they discuss their deceased mother’s pearl necklace.

Kat asks if Bianca has been hiding the pearls when she sees her sister wearing them, but Bianca says their father found them and gave them to her.


While Kat is initially deemed a ‘shrew’, Bianca begins as a very selfish character, but both learn to be more mature and kind through the power of love. As a part of Bianca’s transformation, you can see that it’s not her wearing the pearl necklace when the two go to prom, but Kat, who she has loaned the piece too as a sign that she’s changed.

How sweet!