A note from the editor: Gerry's mind was NOT blown by yesterday's widespread discussion on that mystery Home Alone ticket. Hence, he has written the below in feature in case there is anything else we might have missed, though if we've missed all five, we really ought to get ourselves checked out. And my, is he sarky.

Yesterday the internet lit up like a Christmas Tree when a Reddit user pointed out a scene from Home Alone which you've "definitely never noticed before". The scene in question happens early in the movie, where Kevins Dad accidentally throws an airline ticket in the rubbish; therefore when the family are rushing for the plane, the stewardess doesn't notice that they are a child shy of a full set. It's kind of an important scene and not one that I've "definitely never noticed before", but maybe some people didn't pick up on it and had their minds blown when it was revealed. Here's a few more similarly "Mind-blowing" things those people may have missed from other Christmas movies...

1) Die Hard

Die Hard is a famous movie in which New York cop John McClane tries to rescue hostages being held in a high rise tower in Los Angeles... But you may have missed an earlier scene where our hero is on a long haul flight and the passenger beside him advises him to take his shoes off when he gets to his hotel room and make "fists with his toes". This explains why later in the movie, McClane is NOT WEARING ANY SHOES!! He took them off!

2) Elf

Elf is one of the only Christmas movies in the past ten years to be worth more than a passing glance... but just why is Buddy so much bigger than all the other elves? Well in another scene which you may have missed, wee see that Buddy isn't an Elf at all... he's a human! When he was a baby, he crawled into Santas toysack while El Beardo was stuffing his face with biscuits at an orphan shop. It's basically the premise of the entire movie, but you may have missed it if you were asleep or something.

3) Home Alone

While we're blowing minds, here's another one from Home Alone. You've already seen how Kevins ticket was thrown in the bin, therefore allowing the family to board the airplane unaware that he was still at home... but how did they miss him when they were getting a minibus to the airport? In a scene which you may have missed, one of the older kids is tasked with doing a headcount... but she accidentally counts an annoying ginger kid from next door who was pooching through their luggage like a pesky raccoon. Watch carefully next time and you'll see it!

4) Gremlins

GREMLINS! All over the place! Hundreds of the fuckers! But where did they all come from? Well, in this Horrific Christmas comedy, protagonist Billy Peltzer is given very specific instructions as to how to look after his new Furby or some shit. He's told above all else to not feed it after midnight and not let it get wet. So how do we end up with a town full of Gremlins then? Keep an eye out next time you're watching and you may spot a scene or two where he tips a shitload of water all over the little bollix causing loads more Furbys to spawn, and then what does he do? He feeds the little shitebags after midnight. Plot hole averted!

5) It's A Wonderful Life

In this classic which nobody really likes but dutifully watches every year, down-on-his-luck George Bailey is moments from calling it quits on life but instead runs through town yelling 'Merry Christmas' like he's on bath salts or something. But what caused this reversal of character? Well, in several scenes that you may have missed, we first see George as a boy, and then as a young man, then a grown adult. In these scenes, we see the various times in Georges life where his kind actions help the people around him. We also see how the sinister actions of an old bastard called Mr. Potter cause George to lose his faith in life. There's more scenes (again, you may have missed these) where an angel gets sent down from Heaven to show George what everyone life would be like if George had never been born, and these lead into scenes (which you may have missed, of course) showing Georges hometown which under Potter's rule has become a real shithole. George snaps out of his malaise and decides to withdraw himself from the bridge. It truly is a Wonderful Life!

 Words: Gerry McBride