When it comes to swag, nobody does it bigger or better than the Oscars. But what exactly goes into an Oscar swag bag, and more importantly, how do YOU get one?

Well, for one, you have to be nominated. There are varying degrees, depending on whether you win or are simply nominated and in what category, but the top of the food chain can see nominees coming home with up to - wait for it - $125,000 in free gifts.

Almost all bags feature exclusive, high-end jewellery, watches, skincare items and so forth, but a good few will also include vouchers for holidays. What kind of holidays, you ask?

A three-night stay in a Tuscany villa worth up to $1,500, a 5-star train ride through the Canadian Rockies worth $14,500, a "glamping" - that's glamourous camping to the unwashed - trip worth $12,000 and even the use of an Audi for an entire year. There's even an ACTUAL vibrator thrown in, just in case you're travelling alone and need some company.

However, the highest-value item in the nominees' bag isn't a car or a trip or even a fancy watch. Valued at $20,000, nominees get a voucher for life coach and dream analyst Olessia Kantor. She'll fly to any location in the world and teach the nominees how to understand their dreams and read their horoscope for the year.

Right so. Maybe hold on that one, we think.


Via Variety