Reshoots for Justice League have taken place and they sure did cost a pretty penny.

Now, most films of this size would have reshoots scheduled in for a couple of weeks and generally would cost way less than $10 million. But the reshoots are costing Warner around $25 million and for a really annoying reason.

While Batman himself Ben Affleck and Wonder Woman star Gal Gadot are currently not in production on anything, both Ezra Miller’s commitment to the Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them sequel and Henry Cavill's work on Mission Impossible 6 are what is causing the delays. 'Beasts' is a Warner film so being worked out, but Mission 6 is problematic because Cavill is sporting a mustache and Superman's face is as smooth as... you get the drift. So they're having to shoot Cavill, and his furry face, removing the tache in post. That will be adding serious dollars, as will keeping the crews on stand-by.



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Joss Whedon will apparently get a co-writer/producer credit on the film, having come in to finish it while director Zack Synder took some time to spend with his family following the loss of his daughter.

DC and Warner are really starting to turn things around, mainly thanks to the huge success of Wonder Woman - which will carry a lot of good will coming into Justice League. The footage at Comic Con that dropped also went down beautifully. 

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