He'll go down in history as the posthumous Oscar winning Joker but it turns out Heath Ledger could have been Christopher Nolan's Batman. HitFix says he revealed he had considered Ledger for the role of the caped crusader when speaking at a Lincoln Center Q&A in New York City this week.

Funnily enough Ledger said no and swore he'd never ever ever do a comic book movie. Why so serious? Guess he asked himself that same question, changed his mind and agreed to sign on for The Dark Knight after seeing what Nolan did with Batman Begins.

"He didn’t like to work too much,” Nolan said. "He liked to do a character and then stop working and let enough time go by until he was hungry for it again. And that’s what happened when he came in; he was really ready to do something like that." Who knows what would have happened if he felt that way about the Bat.