Now that Star Wars Episode VII has its director (JJ Abrams), the folk at Disney will be hard at work devising ways to make the most of this franchise rejuvination. As you'd expect, there's plenty of potential there for various spin-offs, and that appears to be exactly what's brewing at present in the magical kingdom. But what can we expect to see? A film about Jabba the Hutt? Not sure we'd be feeling that. A Jar Jar movie? Hmmm. But what about a stand alone film about Yoda?

Of course this is all just gossip at the minute, but these are rumours worth considering. Reported by, it seems a Yoda flick is what's first on the list. But could Yoda carry the weight of a movie by himself? Would a stand alone flick focus on young Yoda or old Yoda?

Tell us, what would you most like to see as a follow on project after Star Wars Episode VII?