After topping the Irish box office, as well as having the UK’s biggest opening weekend, and making $75 million globally, it’s clear that a lot of people went to revisit the wizarding world that the world’s most famous wizard, Harry Potter, inhabits (although he won’t be born for a few more years).

Set in 1920s New York, Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them introduces new characters and a new storyline.

There was a wee bit of confusion and unanswered questions following the film (including the inevitable queries about plot holes), and J.K. Rowling herself, creator of the universe and screenplay writer for Fantastic Beasts, was kind enough to volunteer to answer some of them.












She also addressed the reason for the franchise being extended into five films and revealed the time line that the film will be set in:






But sometimes she had to keep an air of mystery – can’t give everything away after all.




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