Well it's safe to say we didn't see this one coming! Earlier today we brought you the news that Christopher Nolan had cast an unknown as one of the co-leads in his next project 'Dunkirk'. 

Now we've learned that Harry Styles will be filling the other lead role in what will be his acting debut. Nolan has assembled a tremendous supporting cast that includes Mark Rylance, Tom Hardy and Kenneth Branagh so it's a bit of a shock to see Harry Styles and newcomer Fionn Whitehead lead the film.

Before you get the pitch forks out let's remember that Nolan has tremendous form when it comes to unusual casting. Who other than him saw Heath Ledger making a convincing Joker? So let's cut him some slack here. 

With One Direction taking an indefinite break, there has been speculation as to what the band members would do next. Styles was being touted for a solo career but it seems now that an acting career is what he's more interested in pursuing. 

You can't really get a better start to an acting career than this. 

Via Mashable