Harry Potter's coming to Dublin hurrah!

The cast of forthcoming flick The F Word which includes Daniel Radcliffe, Zoe Kazan and Rafe Spall of Prometheus fame will descend on Dublin's fair city at the end of September, entertainment.ie can exclusively reveal. I had the pleasure yesterday of catching up with Zoe Kazan on the European tour of her latest flick - Ruby Sparks - which she not only stars in but also wrote. Those of you familiar with the Kazan surname will know that her grandad is the legendary Elia Kazan who directed both On The Waterfront and A Streetcar named Desire. So what's this F Word film all about? Well it's got nothing to do with Gordon Ramsay for a start. Zoe revealed that herself and the former Harry Potter actor will play two young people who strike up a conversation at a party and find themselves attracted to one another despite the fact that she has a boyfriend. Given this minor glitch - the longterm boyfriend being played by Spall - the pair try their best to remain friends and ignore the deeply growing romantic undercurrent. Zoe told me that much of the movie is set in Dublin so their upping sticks from Toronto and flying here for a two week filming period at the end of September.

So consider yourselves informed and keep your eyes well and truly peeled!