Today's Will Ferrell's birthday. HAPPY BIRTHDAY!

On that note, let's celebrate by taking a look at some of his finest filmic moments.

1. Wedding Crashers - The Meatloaf scene. We doubt anyone could consume a mouthful of meatloaf (or listen to any music by Meatloaf, for that matter) without thinking back to Ferrell's Chazz Reinhold. Living the dream whilst scabbing off his mam, with his general outlook on life (especially losers who get married), his hilarious disrespect towards his mother and his penchant for pulling chicks at funerals, Chazz is one of Ferrell's greatest comedic creations. We only we wish there was more of him to go around.

"Hey MA! THE MEATLOAF! WE WANT IT NOW! What is she doing, I never know what she's doing... back there."

2. Elf - Buddy meets a Santa imposter. While there's scarce a moment in Elf that we didn't love, we particularly enjoyed the moment wherein Buddy (the happy idiotic elf who's considerably larger than all other elves) has a stand off against a fake Santa, hired by the toy store to entertain the kids. There's no fooling Ferrell though, he can see right through the cotton wool beard. When he manages to push the man underneath the fat suit over the edge, hilarity ensues.

3. Step Brothers - The entire movie. This film is so endlessly quotable, we couldn't pick just one moment to show you. Massive props to John C Reilly too; he really is the perfect comedic match to the King of Comedy, Mr. Ferrell. Two of the most immature kids trapped inside their middle aged bodies are forced together against their will. At first, they hate each other, however upon discovering a mutual love for Cops, Good Housekeeping and fort-building, they soon become friends. This comedy doesn't get the credit it deserves; it should really be mentioned in every best comedy list from here to Timbuktu. Don't you agree? Here's some of the best quotes in one video.

"I'm not going to call him Dad. Not ever. Even if there's a fire!"

4. Blades of Glory - Lovely Lady Humps scene. Stripped of their Olympic medals, two former rival figure skaters must pair up if they want to qualify for the men's skating competition, thus restoring their glory. This scene in which Ferrell offers up his rendition of The Black Eyed Peas Lady Lumps whilst puffing on a treadmill is one of our favourites. It also piqued the interest of Kanye West and Jay Z, so much so that they included a quote from it in their song, Niggaz in Paris.

5. Last but by no means list, we give you Anchorman. And if we thought it was tough choosing our favourite scenes from Step Brothers, we're sure not going to pick one here; from beginning to end, this is Will Ferrell at his absolute finest. Will he ever achieve the same comedic heights again? Unlikely, but we'll certainly keep watching to find out. You know the story here so no need to relay. Here's three (sorry, one just won't do) of Ron Burgundy's funniest scenes:

We must also include an honourable mention for 2003's Old School. 'We're going streeeeeaking!'. Enough said.