Although Deadpool 2's latest trailer debuted three days ago, there's something that's only just been clocked now by eagle-eyed fans.

It turns out that Terry Crews - as in, Terry Crews from Brooklyn Nine-Nine and being Terry Crews - is in the Deadpool sequel. Usually, there's a cast announcement that heralds these kind of things, or sometimes it'll slip out in pre-promotion for another film that they're involved with.

This, however? We found this in the trailer. Here's the trailer in full.

Didn't see him? Didn't think so. Computer, freeze-frame at 1.39 and highlight Terry Crews.

BOOM. That's Terry Crews, right there, standing next to Ryan Reynolds as Deadpool and Zazie Beetz as Domino. IMDb has no listing for what character Crews is playing, but just seeing him in a film like this makes feel warm and tingly inside.

Deadpool 2 hits Irish cinemas on May 15th.


Via YouTube