Guy Ritchie is set to take on a six film franchise about King Arthur, according to Deadline.

The Sherlock Holmes director will work from a screenplay created by Joby Harold. This report comes after several attempts by Warner Bros to manifest a film about the legend of King Arthur, the most recent being a production of Arthur & Lancelot, with an apparent chase of Gary Oldman for the role of Merlin and our very own Colin Farrell lined up for the Lancelot role. The project was stunted when it ran into budgeting issues, however.

Ritchie, along with his partner Lionel Wigram, had interest in an Arthurian saga for Warner in 2010, and had developed a take on it based on a script by Trainspotting penman John Hodge.

It looks like Ritchie may get a second chance at having a go at this one.