It's rare that Ireland welcomes a star as big as Tom Cruise to its capital city, but when celebrities of that calibre DO grace us with their presence, you can guarantee we'll put on one hell of a show. So commited to reaching out to his fans is Tom, even to us Paddys, he's only gone and added Dublin to his list of destinations when promoting his next action-packed blockbuster, Oblivion.

Arriving on our shores early next month, the Oblivion premiere is set to be one of the biggest film premieres that Dublin's ever witnessed. Expect a lot of security, given the event's high profile, but get there early with your winter woolies on and if Tom's as obliging as he seems quite often to be, he'll gladly be doling out the signatures. He's always been known for having time for his fans.

"We're thrilled that Tom Cruise and Olga Kurylenko are coming to Dublin for the premiere of Oblivion," said a spokesperson from Universal. "This is set to be one of the biggest film premieres ever held in Ireland and we're very excited at the prospect of hosting it... We look forward to extending them both the very warm welcome that the Irish are famous for."

Hard to believe Mr Cruise is 50 years of age now, and single, but if the trailer for Oblivion is anything to go by, he's still got it in spades. For me, it was his turn as a sports agent opposite Renee Zellwegger in Jerry Maguire that secured Tom's status as an acting force to be reckoned with. For many Irish, however, it'll have been his performance in Ron Howard's Far Away, that brought him to the Emerald Isle back in 1992, that won our hearts.

We'll keep you posted on the deets!