Can anyone remember Pierce Brosnan's last theatrical release apart from what was basically a cameo in The World's End? Don't worry if you can't since it was the utterly forgettable (though admittedly heart wrenching) Love is All You Need. It's ok though, the action man from Navan is returning to Bond/Thomas Crown type territory - he has just signed up for new thriller Survivor.

As per Deadline (who nabbed the exclusive), Pierce joins Milla Jovovich who will star as an American embassy worker in London whose job it is to stop terrorists from entering the US. She soon finds herself in boiling water when she is framed for crimes she did not commit and ends up on the run. Her name must cleared, will Pierce be the probably suave man to do it?

The film will be directed by James McTeigue, the same man who brought us V for Vendetta (oh!) and The Raven (oh.) Co-starring are the always reliable Emma Thomson and tough-cookie Angela Basset.

Filming begins in London in January and we think that this one could well be a cracker - watch this space.