China is a huge market for the movie industry at the moment, but some things will inevitably get lost in translation as they move across the divide.

As is often the case, the title of the movie itself can prove hard to get across to another culture who speak a different language. For example, while Guardians of the Galaxy is nice and alliterative in English and we all know now how great it is after its success, that doesn't really work in China. 

So, the only option is to change the name. You want to make it something snappy, something catchy that the kids are going to love, and something that's easily shared on social media, but don't worry, there are people paid to come up with great names for this, surely they've got this one in the bag. Well, you'd think so, but director James Gunn tweeted out exactly how they'd translated it in advance of its Chinese release, and we have to admit that we don't love the title. 

Guardians of the Galaxy, excuse us, Interplanetary Unusual Attacking Team opens this Friday, but the movie is so good not even the incredibly awkward title could slow down its momentum, right?