Perpetual grump Harrison Ford has probably made some poor young journalist cry by snapping that he does not want to talk about Star Wars Episode 7 yet. Yes he's comnig back, (well, we certainly hope so) and he's excited about the possibility of working with JJ Abrams once more but he's not budging for our sakes.

In an interview with The AP, Ford said: "I don't feel anything [about Star Wars Episode 7] at the moment yet... I don't even want to discuss [if he'll come on board]. It's great. Ain't it great?"

While he was keeping mum on the Star Wars talk, he didn't mind sharing his thoughts on man of the moment JJ Abrams: "I think he's fantastic... I did his first movie, Regarding Henry, with [director] Mike Nichols. A wonderful talent. Extraordinary guy."

Testament to his reputation for being quite a difficult interview, The Associated Press journalist asked him if they've chatted in the interim decades since they last teamed up.

""About what?" Ford asked, smirking and taking a slow sip from a cup."

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