Our fourth guest for On the Line is a big one for any fans of The Room – the cult favourite which is renowned as the best bad movie ever.

Greg Sestero played Mark in the movie and he was over in Dublin’s Light House Cinema recently to present his new movie Best F(r)iends, which sees his reunited with the writer/director/star of The Room Tommy Wiseau.

Talking about The Room’s iconic status, Sestero said: “People are still intrigued by it, still talking about it, I think it’s a huge accomplishment,” adding that Ireland, which was the first country outside of America that he brought the cult movie to, was a “peak moment to The Room experience.”

“The Irish crowd and the humour, they really get it,” he said of Irish fans of The Room. “Them riffing with The Room makes the film watchable for me.”

Greg also told us his stand-out memory from The Room, what Tommy Wiseau is really like, how he thought Dave Franco did with portraying him in The Disaster Artist, and who he imagined playing himself and Tommy in the film instead.

Greg also chats about the inspiration behind new movie Best F(r)iends, which he wrote as well as starred in, winks to The Room that are present in the movie, and what it was like departing from The Room. 

You can listen to the interview in full on iTunes or Spotify.

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