Warner Bros. yesterday announced that it was pushing ahead with a sequel to The Green Lantern, despite the slow box-office of the first film.

According to The Hollywood Reporter, the studio are not willing to let go of one of their prized assets so easy, and will move forward with another film in the franchise. The flick dropped off a huge 66% over its second weekend and has yet to cross the magical $100 million mark domestically. Estimates put the budget for the comic book adaptation at $200 million - with another $100 million in marketing. It will take a long time to return a profit, even after blu-ray and DVD coin is accounted for.

There was obvious potential with Lantern that was just never fulfilled. Ryan Reynolds was perfect casting and the studio gave Martin Campbell a huge budget to play with. But the script was awful and no amount of slick visuals, or Reynolds charisma, could compensate for that. It's a brave move if a sequel does go ahead but I'll believe it when I see it.