The ever fantastic Ryan Gosling and Brokeback Mountain actress Michelle Williams are to star together in the drama Blue Valentine, about a man and woman whose relationship has hit the rocks hard. Through flashbacks, they both reflect on a time when they didn't want to murder each other and bury their rotting dead body under the patio. Hey, like Chris Rock says, "if you never contemplated murder, then you aint never been in love." The film will co-star Cloverfield's Mike Vogel, as well as John Doman from The Wire, and will be co-written and directed by music video helmer Derek Cianfrance. Gosling is pretty much worth watching in anything, and really appears to be only starring in films that genuinely challenge him. He has apparently been offered a barrage of blockbusters and turned them all down. Hey, the man likes his art. This will be produced by the folks behind his indie hit Half Nelson.