It's been a truly life changing experience working at and I'll be forever indebted to my boss Julian, and my editor for the past six years, Sheena, for taking a chance on me. They hired a film school graduate in 2006, who'd never written previously in any sort of professional capacity, because they saw something in me. I really hope I've repaid them.

I've spent the six years travelling the world and interviewing the biggest movie stars working in modern film on a regular basis. I woke up every morning genuinely excited to come into work, and genuinely terrified when I had to sit across from the likes of Russell Crowe and Leonardo DiCaprio - guys I'd grown up watching - but hungry for more as I finished each interview. Through working for this fantastic site I've been on every major national and local radio station; appeared regularly on national television and even presented live TV. None of that, nor my next position, would've been possible if it wasn’t for the bosses of taking a chance on a wet-under-the-ears 24 year old over half a decade ago. I'll miss the readers - even those that vocally pointed out grammatical mistakes - and I'll miss the always funny staff.

I could not be happier to hand over the torch to the immensely talented Caroline Foran. A smart, hardworking and talented writer with a ridiculous amount of qualifications and her own acerbic voice. She'll also be presenting a new version of the movie show and taking over the junkets. A new reviewer, Rory Cashin, will be taking over some of the reviews alongside Gavin Burke. I hope you find their stuff as entertaining to read as I do. 

If you've read any of my reviews, watched any of my interviews, or even sighed loudly on the bus/luas/train/jacks when reading something I'd written from the app, then I thank you kindly.  I'll leave you with my favourite interview. He's not a movie star, but one of the reasons why I loved film in the first place. Good bye. Smiley face.