There is no situation or event on this planet that cannot be improved dramatically by having a dog present.

That's not an opinion, that's a universal truth. Case in point - Glenn Close at the Independent Spirit Awards last night, who picked up another gong for her performance in 'The Wife'.

After her name was called, Close walked to the stage as her dog, Pip, trotted happily alongside her. Pip, who has his own Instagram by the way, was happy enough to stay while Close delivered her speech.

Here's that speech, complete with Pip accompanying her to the stage.

Of course, the dog's presence was noted by host Aubrey Plaza who joked after he'd left that he's now scored a three-picture deal. To be fair, you know right well you'd watch a movie with him in it.

Also, if Glenn Close doesn't bring the dog with her if and when she wins tomorrow night at the Oscars, then we'll have all missed out on something really special.

Here's a few samplings from Pip's own Instagram, by the way.

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Selfie with Mom at the airport.

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