After turning down the chance to work with Shane Black as a writer/director on a fifth Lethal Weapon film last year, it looks like Mel Gibson may still get a chance to star for the brilliant filmmaker.

Black turned his attention to action thriller, Cold Warrior after the 'Lethal' sequel fell through, and told Empire Magazine it was about "an old-school espionage versus this new breed of peacekeeper spy," he added. "I think there's a great spy movie (to be made) that's not handheld." Love it.

Gibson is apparently in advanced negotiations to play an old school spy who worked Russia during the cold war. When a new threat is posed, he and a younger spy must infiltrate the enemy and figure out what exactly is going on. Again, Kiss Kiss Bang Bang is one of my favourite movies, and Black is quite probably the sharpest screenwriter to ever use a Mac book, so I'm already sold on this. Gibson's latest movie, Edge of Darkness, opens Friday the 29th here.