It looks like 2013 will be a good year for the lads when it comes to cinema. Not only is the Terminator himself returning to the big screen, Bruce Willis is getting in on the G.I Joe action. Both movies dropped new trailers this week and we're sure they'll whet that action appetite somethin' awful.

G.I Joe Retaliation hits our screens in March and sees Bruce Willis team up with Channing Tatum and Dwanye Johnson. This time around the lads are still fighting their arch nemesis, Cobra, but they're also taking on threats from within the government that threaten their very existence. I don't know about you, but I certainly think Jonathan Pryce's US President seems like one creepy customer.

The final trailer for The Last Stand sees Arnie back in action. Mr Schwarzenegger makes his big screen comeback in this movie about a small town sheriff who makes his living keeping the bad guys out. He's joined by Johnny Knoxville and Rodrigo Santoro in the upcoming action drama which is due to hit Irish cinema screens in January.

The Last Stand
is in Irish cinemas from January 25th 2013 and G.I Joe Retaliation will be showing from March 27th.