Remember all those really cool cartoons / toys you had the '80s? Prepare to have Hollywood trample all over them.

Or maybe not. Who knows. It could work, right? Paramount announced today that it's signed a deal with Hasbro's film arm - yes, it has one - to created a shared movie universe that will see the likes of M.A.S.K., Visionaries, Micronauts and ROM join forces on the screen. Essentially, they're trying to make a go of the whole Marvel / DC Comics things, but with toys from your childhood.

Four movies in, Transformers is one of Paramount's keystone franchises so it makes sense to widen the net and work in a few more characters to, y'know, make it even more confusing. 

"Paramount and Hasbro have had a longstanding relationship and we're proud of the success we've enjoyed on the Transformers and G.I. Joe franchises,” said Brad Grey, Paramount's head honcho in a statement released earlier today. "We're excited to grow our agreement and make even more movies based upon these popular and powerful Hasbro characters and their worlds."

As it stands now, Paramount are assembling a writer's room to come up with ideas for how they can put all the characters together on screen. No definite timeframe has been worked out, but we're guessing we can all this to kick in 2017 at the earliest.

So, what do you think? Could this actually work? Let us know in the comments!