Ghostbusters 3 could apparently be ready to roll by December, according to Dan Aykroyd, who told the LA Times that the film "could be in production by winter." Bill Murray, Harold Ramis and Ernie Hudson have all agreed to return, but original director Ivan Reitman won't be coming back as he is "too busy as a mega-producer" says Aykroyd. It looks likely then that Ramis would take over helming duties, as he is the obvious choice. The Groundhog Day director just finished the very funny looking comedy Year One with Michael Cera and Jack Black, so may yet convince some of the Apatow crew to appear in this film, as the plot is believed to be of the "passing the torch" variety i.e. a new batch of five Ghostbusters, who Aykroyd hopes will include some women. The eight year old in me just creamed himself and wants to see this film now.