Starring our very own Killian Scott and Game of Thrones star John Bradley as two enthusiastic entrepreneurs who come up with the scheme of trading in the Deep Web. They advertise for 2 participants to empty their banks accounts, sell their assets, put their entire worth in cash into a green sports bag, travel to a remote location and fight to the death. The winner claims all the cash in this somewhat unconventional get rich quick scheme.

Traders is released in Irish cinemas from March 11th.

Ahead of the release of the movie, we have teamed up with Element Pictures & OTM Create to bring you the Traders game (see below) where you can win 1 of 5 bags of cash, each worth €100; or runner up tickets to the premiere on March 9th in Cineworld. You play as one of the Traders, claiming all of the cash of your opponent in a brutal fight to the death!

The Traders game is run and hosted by OTM Create & Element Pictures. For the full list of rules and terms & conditions see is a third party hosting publication for this game & as such does not handle entries or any issues with the game. For enquiries, please visit