Next year is going to be the year of the Bible tales if the current hype is anything to go by. First there's Darren Aronofsky's quite bonkers looking Noah, and then we'll be hit with Ridley Scott's Exodus, starring that chameleon of the silver screen, Christian Bale.

Billed as a 'a new take on the classic story', Bale takes on the role of the (spoiler) parter of the Red Sea and prophet of God, Moses who is abandoned as a baby and taken in by the Egyptian royal family but grows up to hear the voice of God tell him that he needs to lead the Israelite slaves into the Promised Land. We've yet to see how Scott's going to tackle that whole side of things, but from the first image below, at least we know they're going big with the whole affair.

Empire got the exclusive first look at Bale's take on the Biblical character, and it all looks very Peter O'Toole in Lawrence of Arabia/Russell Crowe's Gladiator. The photo features Bale on a horse with a statue of Rhamses (Joel Edgerton in the film) being built in the background

Exodus also stars Aaron Paul and reunites Sigourney Weaver with director Ridley Scott, and is expected to hit screens this time next year.