As you may have heard, Gerry Adams is currently in bother for using a racially pejorative term when talking about Django Unchained.

The Sinn Fein leader has released a statement to clarify his comments, however Adams is still trending on Twitter. Those who follow Adams on Twitter know that his online persona is, well... a bit odd.

We did a little bit of research and found that Adams is, believe it or not, something of a film buff and quite regularly tweets about his viewing habits and his views on them.

Take a look.



In fairness, it was pretty scary.


6. GARAGE (2007)

That's a fair complaint about Garage. Lenny Abrahamson's work is known for having a somewhat stately pace.


5. AGNES BROWN (1999)

No comments on Anjelica Huston's performance, but we're guessing it's two thumbs up from Gerry.


4. THE REVENANT (2015)

But what about the cinematography? Ryuichi Sakamato's emotive score? Come on, man, we need more than that.


3. BROOKLYN (2015)

High praise indeed from the leader of Sinn Fein.


2. LINCOLN (2012)

My Left Foot > Lincoln, according to Gerry Adams' power rankings of Daniel Day-Lewis performances. But where does The Age of Innocence or There Will Be Blood stand?


1. THE HELP (2011)

Red Card here, Gerry. The Help was muck. The book was way better.