Glasgow Celtic fan Gerard Butler is to produce, and possibly star in a football coaching movie from Seven Pounds director Gabriele Muccino, called Slide, according to The LA Times.

Apparently Muccino, who also helmed other Will Smith starrer The Pursuit of Happyness, remained on board the film, even when the sport it centred around changed from baseball to football (or soccer, depending on your country of origin). Anyhow, it's a about a father trying to win back the affection of his son by coaching his football team. He was once a deadbeat y'see, but has turned a corner - hopefully Bad Santa style.

Butler needed to move away from the roguish romantic lead in insipid comedies, as he was getting typecast fast. While Law Abiding Citizen was a different role for him, and a hit, that doesn't make it any less sh*t. He'll next be seen in the Ralph Fiennes directed swords and sandals epic, Coriolanus. Being all shouty with a six-pack... probably.