Gerard Butler has pulled out of starring in the Point Break remake which was due to begin filming in a few weeks.

According to THR, there was a concoction of reasons for his departure but that old chestnut "creative differences" has been cited as one of the main ones. Butler was due to play Bodhi, a role made famous by the late Patrick Swayze, in the film being directed by Ericson Core.

Relative newcomer Luke Bracey will play Johnny Utah in the flick, while Ray Winstone has also signed up. For the film to go ahead with the same budget, it will need a solid name to become attached veeeery quickly. Plot twist: Keanu Reeves as Bodhi? Ya never know...

Butler is due to star in London has Fallen, which, shockingly enough is a sequel to his surprise hit from last year Olympus has Fallen. Yep. That's happening.