George Jung, the subject behind the 2001 crime drama Blow, was released from prison two years ago.

However, since then, Jung's basically stayed away from his previous employment - international drug dealer - and tried to mend his ways. In fact, that's basically the premise of his new reality TV series, imaginatively titled Poverty Sucks.

The reality TV series, which has just completed its pilot episode, will see the former comrade of Pablo Escobar attempting to return a normal life by opening a checking account, shopping for groceries and not controlling one of the largest drug empires in global history. As you do, basically.

As well as this, the series - if it gets picked up by a TV studio - will follow Jung as he attempts to heal his relationship with his estranged daughter, which formed the heartbreaking epilogue of the film.

Let's all remember how good Blow was and how Johnny Depp can be a pretty decent actor when he wants to be by watching this pivotal scene.