George Clooney is having a very good Cannes this year. Not that the actor has any films showing in competition, but the charismatic scream beacon has sold one completed film, and signed up for another. The sold film is the thriller, Men Who Stare at Goats, co-starring Jeff Bridges and Kevin Spacey, which has been extremely well-received at the Southern French Festival.  The new film he has signed on to headline is A Very Private Gentleman, where Clooney will play a hitman in Italy, who forgoes his normal approach of keeping to himself and avoiding people on a job, when soon enough, his love life is complicated just as he's about to whack someone - which is always the way when you're on a final job, innit? We will next see him in the Jason Reitman directed Up In The Air, which marks the first film for the young helmer since the Oscar winning Juno.