Wuthering Heights is a go again, after both Natalie Portman and Abbie Cornish pulled out at different stages, alongside director John Maybury. Maybury has been replaced by Girl In A Pearl Earring helmer Peter Webber, while the (so hot right now) Gemma Arterton has taken over panting duties from Portman, with Gossip Girls' Ed Westwick coming on as the ponderous Heathcliff. Producer Robert Bernstein spewed to Empire:  "We’ve cast it as written. Heathcliff’s a teen and the story takes him into his early 20s. Cathy is just as young. It’s radical because usually actors playing these characters are much older."  Sticking to the source material is radical nowadays, even if most folk who have done their leaving cert already know the story, and associate it with pain and stress.