Former Bond girl Gemma Arterton and the star of The Social Network and new Spider-Man film, Andrew Garfield are reportedly teaming for a Michael Mann's flick about war photographer Robert Capa, according to Total Film, by way of

Mann had been circling a few projects, but the Capra one has been in development for some time. The film will be based on Susana Fortes' novel, Waiting for Robert Capa, which follows the relationship "between a young German woman called Gerta Pohorylle and a young Hungarian man called Endre Friedmann who met in Paris in 1935."

Whatever the film, when Michael Mann directs it's worth paying attention. Johnny Depp's performance in Public Enemies is the best thing he's done in years, and the helmer who specializes in the visceral is going back to the 1930s now for this intriguing sounding flick. Arterton has been on the rise for some time, but needed to work with a top drawer direct to really move on, while Garfield is seemingly ticking them off a wish list - David Fincher, Mark Romanek, and now Mann.