As live-action reboots of classic Disney films are now the Next Big Thing, you had to expect that Beauty & The Beast was going to get a look-in.

As we reported a few months ago, Harry Potter alum Emma Watson will be playing the role of Belle - which we totally get because, let's face it, she's a beauty.

It's now been revealed that Downton Abbey, or if you're cool, The Guest's Dan Stevens will be playing the role of The Beast.

If you haven't watched The Guest yet, we encourage you to drop whatever you're doing and go watch it because it's absolutely brilliant. No, seriously.

Meanwhile, Luke Evans of Dracula Untold / Fast & Furious 6 fame will be playing the role of Gaston, which we think is a total sham. That role would have been perfect for The Rock.

Beauty & The Beast will be directed by (gulp) Twilight: Breaking Dawn's Bill Condon and is expected in Irish cinemas in 2016.

But who should play Mrs. Potts and Cogsworth? Sound off in the comments!