It's a tenet of any action movie - be it something from the '80s or something released last year - that it must have the 'asshole' character.

In Aliens, it was Paul Reiser as Burke. In Die Hard, it was Hart Bochner as Ellis. In True Lies, it was the brilliant Bill Paxton as the car salesman. So it goes that Alfie Allen has effectively taken on that role for the modern era, after a convincing turn in John Wick as the little s*** who got his ass handed to him for killing a dog and stealing a car.

THR confirmed that Alfie Allen is due to star in Shane Black's anticipated not-a-sequel-and-not-a-reboot The Predator. Allen wasn't apart of the cast photo which did the rounds earlier this week, but it's said that Allen will play a reasonably significant role in the film. Does he, in fact, steal The Predator's spaceship and kill his dog?

Because that'd cause anyone to go on a kill-crazy rampage, in fairness.