One of the most highly anticipated movies for 2012, we just love getting our mits on some James Bond gossip here in, especially where the soundtrack is concerned. With so many rumours flying about the place with names like Adele, Rihanna, even Noel Gallagher thrown into the mix, it's good to get some clarification from the man behind the bond music himself. According to Digital Spy, the theme song for the 23rd instalment of the Ian Fleming spy franchise, Skyfall, may be recorded by Queen. In an interview with The Daily Star, James Bond composer David Arnold revealed: "I'm a massive Queen fan and I would love them to do a theme tune. Imagine how ridiculously bombastic a Queen anthem could be... It's a shame because they would have been perfect for Roger Moore's Bond during the '80s when he was punching clowns."

What's even more exciting is that rumours have now started circulating that it may be more than Queen getting in on the action. Digitay Spy say that with guitarist Brain May recently alluding towards talk of a collaboration between the band and Lady GaGa, bookies are now offering odds on the pair recording the new 007 theme tune.

Also on the grapevine is that one of my favourites, Adele will be featured on the soundtrack. However Arnold explains that no artist is chosen until the project is wrapped. "I've heard the Adele rumours but nobody has been asked yet. Traditionally producers wait for the film to be made, or if I'm asked I'll have somebody in mind."

What's not in the slightest bit exciting however is what the composer had to say about next year's X Factor. "I've spoken to Simon about doing an X Factor Bond special before. We would love to try it but it's difficult finding the right Bond songs for people to sing."

Well then, we wait with baited breath to watch a host of mingers and misfits murder a Bond theme. Hurray

Skyfall will be released on October 26, 2012.

Caroline Foran