Although we do know that they're in town for the filming of Episode VIII, there's every chance they could potentially pop down to Dublin for a night out.

Right? That's not completely outside of the realms of possibility. After all, Mark Hamill's known to pull a pint or two and we're guessing Daisy Ridley would be up for a bit of a larf. Adam Driver, well, we're guessing he'd be hanging around The Thomas House or Workman's Club if he was in Dublin.

These are all suggestions, of course.

Most likely they'll stay close to Donegal for the shooting. In the meantime, feast your eyes on Mark Hamill's holy visage and beard whilst Daisy Ridley and Adam Driver try to avoid the paps.

Where does that leave us with Episode VIII, you ask? It's hard to say. As we know, there's a Millennium Falcon currently under construction at Malin Head and we also know that a separate set has been built at Pinewood to double for Skellig Michael.

Is it possible that there's some sort of confrontation happening on Luke Skywalker's hidden planet between Kylo Ren and Rey? It's hard to know exactly where Rian Johnson is with the shoot, as it's quite likely that pre-production kicked off months ago. As well as this, Rian Johnson could be filming Episode VIII chronologically so there's a chance this could be towards the end of the film.


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